Advanced Reasoning Forum Fellowships

The ARF Library is a research institute located at Dogshine, the ranch of Richard L. Epstein, on a desert mesa overlooking the Rio Grande, 12 km from Socorro, New Mexico, USA. Excellent hiking in the desert, mountains, the woods along the Rio Grande are at hand; nearest neighbors are 5 km away.


Besides Richard L. Epstein, other members of the Advanced Reasoning Forum are sometimes in residence and available for collaboration or consulting.  The ARF Library has research collections on the subjects studied by members of ARF, including philosophy, mathematics, logic, linguistics, economics, and theater.  The Advanced Reasoning Forum offers Fellowships for residence at the ARF Library:

1. Fellowships are intended to provide housing and access to the ARF collections and the opportunity to collaborate with members of ARF who are in residence at that time.

Research areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
Critical Thinking
Theater Arts
Fine Arts
Peace Studies

2. Fellowships will normally be for no longer than three months, though in some instances they may be extended. Some Fellowships will be for shorter periods as appropriate.

3. A full grant covering room and board will be awarded to those who have financial need, particularly students. Others will be asked to cover the cost of their lodging and use of the facilities. In extraordinary circumstances travel funds may be provided.

4. Candidates for an ARF Fellowship must provide the following:

A. A letter from a member of ARF proposing the Candidate for a Fellowship.
B. A letter from the Candidate giving his or her reasons for wanting to be in residence at the ARF Library and what he or she plans to gain from the Fellowship.
C. An indication of the dates the Candidate would like to take up the Fellowship.
D. An indication of whether the Candidate needs financial assistance.
D. A curriculum vitae of the Candidate.
E. An acknowledgment that the Candidate will provide his or her own transportation and health insurance.
F. A pledge that the Candidate will bring nothing of cat to the ARF House.

5. Applications will be reviewed by the members of ARF, with decisions normally expected within two months of applying.

6. ARF Fellows will submit a report to the members of the Advanced Reasoning Forum at the end of their tenure describing their activities during their Fellowship.  

Past ARF Student Fellows (reports in the links): Juan Francisco RizzoVictoria Pöhls, Henrique Antunes Almeida, and Esperanza Buitrago-Díaz.


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