Critical Thinking

Richard L. Epstein

First comes clear thinking—then comes clear writing.  This handbook distills the essentials of critical thinking into an ideal supplementary textbook for introductory philosophy and composition courses.  And now in the 5th edition - chapters that provide the basics for students to begin the study of any science: explanations, experiments, the scientific method, and models and theories.

Richard L. Epstein with Michael Rooney

Epstein's CRITICAL THINKING sets new standards of clarity for teaching how to reason well in daily life and how to write well. With over one thousand everyday examples and exercises, the text engages and challenges the student. Featuring its own cast of cartoon characters, it is the only text on critical thinking in which students work with illustrations to convert non-verbal information into lucid reasoning. A comprehensive instructor's manual, and many free supplements on the ARF website, make teaching the course a pleasure for instructor and student alike.  Now with chapters on reasoning in the sciences.

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