3rd Conference on Reasoning and Logic of the Advanced Reasoning Forum

Berkeley and Monte Rio, California, USA
July 13-19, 2001

Presentations of work in progress were made at the University of California, Berkeley on July 13, at the Berkeley Marina Inn on July 14, and in Monte Rio on the Russian River July 15-19.

Deep experience (the spatial character of phenomenal experience)        William S. Robinson
Lucid dreaming        Robert Rich
Godel and Tarski        Stanislaw Krajewski
Relativism and rationality        Richard L. Epstein
Logic and bank supervision        Peter Eggenberger
Models in economics: What is an economic possibility?       Stephen A. Epstein
Modals and quantifiers       Mircea Dumitru
Is it really possible?       Desiderio Murcho
Remarks on two styles of natural deduction system       Mircea Dumitru
Negative existentials, informative identities, and semantic pretense       Fred Kroon
Searle's arguments against twin-earth       Célia Teixeira
Relatedness predicate logic       Richard L. Epstein and Stanislaw Krajewski
On the genesis of ARF:  Why has it taken so long?       Stanislaw Krajewski
Belief revision, translations, and relatedness       Walter A. Carnielli
Inference to the best explanation: a fallacy or a good method of argument?  General discussion

Also in attendance were Benson Mates, Carolyn Kemberger, and Peter Adams.

On July 16 the Annual General Meeting of ARF was held, at which preprint copies of the first volume of the Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge were examined. It was decided that ARF should continue to produce BARK, with the next issue devoted to the proceedings of this third meeting. It was also decided that BARK would remain the journal of record of ARF, publishing at this time only proceedings of meetings and papers invited by members. The membership gratefully acknowledged the work of Carolyn Kemberger in copyediting the first volume, and requested her to continue that work for future issues.

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