Founding Meeting of the Advanced Reasoning Forum Conference on Reasoning & Logic

Cedar City, Utah, USA
September 7-11, 1999

The following works in progress were presented:

Ways of not saying "therefore ": some paradoxes of argument   Walter A. Carnielli
Should modalities be construed as quantifiers over possible worlds?   Mircea Dumitru
Rationality   Richard L. Epstein
What's wrong with contradictions?   Fred Kroon
Modalities: logical and other   Desiderio Murcho
Definitions of "arf"    Célia Teixeira

Also attending were Peter Adams from Wadsworth Publishing Company, Alex Raffi, and Alan Venable. The founding members of ARF were:
     Peter Adams
     Walter A. Carnielli
     Mircea Dumitru
     Richard L. Epstein
     Fred Kroon
     Desiderio Murcho
     Alex Raffii

Corresponding members elected at the meeting were:
     Peter Eggenberger
     Stanislaw Krajewski
     Benson Mates
     Piergiorgio Odifreddi
     William S. Robinson

Agreement was reached on the rights and obligations of members.

The undergraduate essay prize on history and philosophy of computability offered by Walter A. Carnielli and Richard L. Epstein in conjunction with Wadsworth was decided to be offered as an ARF prize.

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