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Conventional Gestures: Meaning and Methodology

Richard L. Epstein, with the assistance and collaboration and illustrations by Alex Raffi

Paperback: $34.95 Ebook: $19.99
ISBN13 Hardcopy: 978-1-938421-24-2 ISBN13 Digital: 978-1-938421-25-9


Conventional gestures are those movements we make, such as waving hello and shaking hands, that are part of a learned, shared, symbolic system. In this book Richard L. Epstein working with the illustrator Alex Raffi examines how such gestures mean and how we can study them. Drawing on their collection of over 400 American gestures, available on the Advanced Reasoning Forum website, they examine problems of methodology and the nature of gestures in relation to the work of others who have studied and collected gestures from various cultures. An extensive annotated bibliography describes and comments on virutally all known collections of conventional gestures.

Please also see the free downloads for An American Gestuary.

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