Language and Gestures

Conventional gestures are those that are part of a shared symbolic system of communication.  The series Conventional Gestures makes available new research on this subject, as well as books of importance that have long been out of print.
Alex Raffi and Richard L. Epstein
Richard L. Epstein, with the assistance and collaboration and illustrations by Alex Raffi

Conventional gestures are those movements we make, such as waving hello and shaking hands, that are part of a learned, shared, symbolic system. In this book Richard L. Epstein working with the illustrator Alex Raffi examines how such gestures mean and how we can study them

Richard L. Epstein and Alex Raffi

This is a draft prepared in 2014.

Laurence Wylie

Laurence Wylie (1919–1985), a renowned scholar and teacher of French at Harvard, assembled this collection of French conventional gestures after studying at the Jacques Lecoq school of mime in Paris

Leone Augusto Rosa

With 362 illustrations, the renowned artist Leone Agosto Rosa depicts in Espressione e Mimica a large range of expressions and gestures. 

Faustino Pérez

This dictionary of conventional gestures for the Dominican Republic  contains more than 250 entries along with a substantial essay about the  society, culture, and background of the people  of Santo Domingo.

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