Classic Reprints

Our Classic Reprints series makes available important books that have been long out-of-print and nearly impossible to obtain.

Arne Ness (Naess)

An exact reprint of the 1938 text that shows there is no common notion of truth.

Benson Mates

A reprint of the 1953 text that re-established the Stoics' importance to the development of logic.

W. J. Blok and Don Pigozzi

An exact reproduction of the 1989 text that outlined a framework for the study of logics by algebraic means.

Edited by Stanislaw J. Surma

This volume contains seventeen essays in the history of modern mathematical logic.

Chad Hansen

A reprint of the 1983 text that launched the modern analytical study of Ancient Chinese philosophy.

John Mansley Robinson
C. L. Hamblin

The classic analysis of fallacies that has motivated much research and teaching.

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